Nurmagomedov Not Interested In Fighting McGregor Next

Khabib Nurmagomedov had a media conference call ahead of his bout with Dustin Poirier next weekend at UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi. Nurmagomedov sits atop, arguably, the most stacked division in the UFC which means there are plenty of contenders for him to face should he get past Poirier on 7th September.

Looking Through Poirier?

Khabib insists he is focused on the task at hand and is not looking past Poirier. It is possible that Khabib is looking through Poirier though as it would be hard not to with many people overlooking Poirier’s chances against Khabib and therefore discussing potential matchups for the Dagestani further down the line. When asked who is next in line after Poirier Khabib’s response was clear.

“There’s only Tony Ferguson. Of course, I think he deserves. Who else? Nobody. Only Tony Ferguson I think.”

Although Khabib vs Ferguson makes a lot of sense it will be the fifth time they will be scheduled to fight should the booking get made again. There have been a wide range of reasons why the pair have never faced off in the octagon, but Ferguson’s 12-fight win streak is impossible to deny, especially when you consider the fighters on his resume.

Not Interested In McGregor

Having the fierce rivalry with Nurmagomedov and being the biggest star in MMA, it is obvious that Conor McGregor’s name was going to be mentioned at some point during the press conference as a future matchup but Khabib dismissed any talk of McGregor during the call.

“Honestly I don’t understand what you ask about. This guy, when did he win the last time? Why do we keep talking about this guy? This guy doesn’t train more than three years. We keep talking about this guy. I don’t want to talk about him. We have Dustin Poirier, we have a lot of stuff, please let’s talk about real stuff.”

Nurmagomedov then went on to say that he believes Poirier is a better fighter than McGregor due to his resume at 155lbs.

“I think maybe right now Dustin is a more complete MMA fighter than him because he beat a lot of good guys in the lightweight division and I don’t remember when Conor win in the lightweight division. I think he only beat Alvarez and he have only one win in the lightweight division in a long, long time. That’s why I think Dustin Poirier is a much better fighter than him.”

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