Michael Bisping & Chad Mendes Get Into Heated Exchange

Michael Bisping wearing Sanabul gloves and training at home

Image source: Michael Bisping Instagram (@mikebisping)

Michael Bisping and Chad Mendes have been going back and forth at each other recently.

The exchange started with Bisping’s former opponent, Tim Kennedy, posting a picture on Instagram describing his victory over the Mancunian and branding Bisping as a “foul mouthed asshole”. Mendes then left a comment on that post as well.

Bisping then confirmed via his Believe You Me podcast that he saw the comment Mendes left and also said that he decided to direct message him and say:

“You little steroid cheating fuck. Don’t be sour because your career amounted to nothing. Ignorant and disrespectful? What, like disrespecting the sport by taking steroids by dishonouring yourself and your opponent by taking steroids in a sport where someone could die? Shame on you, you little dipshit.”

Mendes then responded with a post on his own Instagram page defending his USADA suspension and posting a picture of Bisping’s knockout loss to Dan Henderson at UFC 100.

Bisping has also replied to Mendes on the post.

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