Khabib Nurmagomedov Raises $100,000 For Dustin Poirier’s Charity

After their fight at UFC 242, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier traded shirts in the Octagon and the Dagestani champion vowed to sell the shirt and donate all proceeds to Poirier’s charity.

Poirier confirmed to MMA Junkie that Khabib managed to raise $100,000 for the shirt and has donated the money to Poirier. The money will go to The Good Fight and the Fight For The Forgotten (FFTF) charities who set out to help the Pygmy People of Uganda by building “a new deep well, solar-operated pumping system, and water tower that will completely transform the way they receive safe and clean water for the school’s students, staff, and surrounding community.”

The project had set out to raise $25,000 to achieve the above. They also had a stretch target of $50,000 that “would allow for the charities to drill another six water wells equipped with hand pumps for the neighboring community and serve thousands more with life-saving and life-giving water.”

The charity had already done an amazing job of beating their target and raising $33,000 through their website, Nurmagomedov’s contribution on top of that means they have thoroughly exceed their target and will be able to help many people have easy access to fresh, clean water.

Poirier commented on the success of the campaigns and shared his delight with the results.

“It’s great because it’s going to help a lot of people, I’m proud of that. I appreciate them helping out the charity. It’s been growing and I’m very grateful for that.”

On top of the contributions already made, Dana White also said he would match whatever Nurmagomedov mad for the sale of the shirt which means another $100,000 contribution could be heading towards the great cause.

It’s amazing to see stars like Nurmagomedov and Poirier use their platforms to help others. In an era where trash talking is highly rewarded, it is refreshing to see two of the highest-level MMA athletes displaying respect for one another and helping people in need.

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