Jessica Penne Stops GoFundMe For USADA Battle, Close To Outcome Avoiding Arbitration

Jessica Penne Training With Bec Rawlings

Image source: Jessica Penne Instagram (@jessicapenne)

Former UFC strawweight title challenger, Jessica Penne, has been through a back and forth with USADA lately over her recent failed drug test and Penne claimed the organisation was “bullying” her into retirement.

As a result of this Penne’s manager, Brian Butler, started a GoFundMe campaign to fund a legal battle against USADA. Butler has now decided to close the GoFundMe campaign as they have come close to reaching a solution with USADA that will avoid the full costs of arbitration.

“We will be closing the campaign today. We have been working with UFC and our legal team diligently and it looks like USADA and our legal team are close to reaching an outcome that will avoid the full costs of an arbitration. We want to thank everyone for their donations because without it we wouldn’t have been able to get us this far! We will keep you posted on the developments as they come but do not want people to keep donating at this time. Thank you all so much for your support of Jessica!”

The fundraiser had generated $7,545 out of the $40,000 target when it was closed down. The fees were to combat Penne’s case against a potential four-year ban from competition that USADA were looking to impose.

Penne originally failed her test for stanozolol and believed this came from a contaminated medication, in particular, a morning after pill. The medication was tested by two different labs with one lab finding traces of stanozolol within the medication and the other, WADA accredited lab, finding no evidence of the steroid.

It has not been confirmed what agreement, if any, has been reached between Penne and USADA but it does appear that they have met in the middle somewhat. Only time will tell if Penne can return to competition.

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