Dustin Poirier Calls Nate Diaz A Fake Gangster

Nate Diaz broke the news earlier this week that he had failed a USADA drug test and this has clearly rubbed Dustin Poirier up the wrong way.

Nate Diaz broke the news via Twitter announcing that the UFC had suggested to Diaz to keep it quiet, but he wanted to air the news to prove his innocence. Diaz has not officially been given a suspension and is cleared to fight but said he did not want to handle the situation that way as his legacy and dignity are more important than the financial gain.

The news has led to mixed messages with some suggesting Diaz is completely clean and this must be a mistake and others making fun of the fact that Diaz has accused everyone of taking steroids in the past. One person who hasn’t been happy with the news is Dustin Poirier.

Poirier first responded to the news by commenting on Diaz’s tweet with a simple, two-word message:

Poirier has recently been undergoing a surgery on his hip following on from the loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov in his attempt to claim the undisputed lightweight crown. However, the surgery hasn’t stopped Poirier from letting Diaz know how he feels as he released two videos on Twitter from his hospital bed:

“Talking all that shit about steroids. Fuck you, Nate.”

“Pulled out. You pulled out of my fight too. You a bitch. Fake ass gangster.”

Poirier and Diaz were booked to fight back in November 2018, but the fight never materialised. General consensus was that Poirier pulled out of the fight with an injury however Poirier has now revealed more details on the situation.

Poirier claims that it was actually Diaz pulled out of the fight and he was even offered a replacement from the UFC but turned in down in favour of getting surgery and focussing on his health.

Diaz has caught wind of the tirade that Poirier has directed towards him as he posted a picture of Poirier on his Instagram story with a caption reading:

“LOL this lil hoe bitch hurt his pussy again.

Good vibes U gonna be alright D.”

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