Derrick Lewis Has Been Battling Life Or Death Illness For Over A Year

Derrick Lewis Takes Shorts Off In Middle Of The Octagon

Image source: Derrick Lewis Instagram (@thebeastufc)

Derrick Lewis picked up another win at UFC 247 with a hard-fought decision win over former light heavyweight Ilir Latifi.

Lewis joined Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show yesterday and discussed how he felt the fight played out. Lewis was overall happy with the win but wasn’t took happy with the fight and showed his frustrations of how close the fight ended up being due to the grappling exchanges.

Lewis showed up in career best shape for the fight and looked much more athletic in the bout, however, it appears that he may not have been 100% due to a serious medical condition. Lewis didn’t want to disclose what the issue was, but he did say he is getting it checked out.

“My coach wants me to get something checked out that came up in my medicals and stuff like that that’s been hindering my training. I’m really supposed to be keeping it on the down low. I gotta get it checked out. The UFC doctors know what it is and the doctor’s here in Houston know what it is as well. It’s just something that’s been going on that I’ve got to get addressed.”

Known for being a joker, Lewis had to confirm to Helwani several times that he was being serious about the situation and that the severity could be a matter of life and death. Lewis also confirmed that the doctors didn’t want him to take his last fight.

“Oh yeah. It’s really like life or death situation serious. I’m dead serious, I’m dead serious. It’s something that happens to a lot of athletes. It doesn’t matter if you’re healthy or not. It’s something that could happen to you at the drop of a hat. That’s all I can say.

The doctor actually had told me that he thinks I shouldn’t have taken this last fight; that’s what he said. They said that with the situation like this, he doesn’t think I should fight. So, I got a second opinion from the UFC doctors and they read it over and checked everything out and they said that it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Whatever the issue appears to be, Lewis actually said it happened in the first round of his fight with Latifi as well.

“In the first round, it happened and then I was like, okay, I’m just not gonna think about it.”

Lewis doesn’t seem too concerned as he has been dealing with the issue for over a year now but only went to the doctor about it recently.

“It’s been really happening for over a year and I finally went to the doctor and got it checked out a month ago.”

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