Dana White Interested In Khabib vs GSP

Georges St-Pierre has often spoke about only wanting to return to MMA for legacy defining fights, such as a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Dana White has often shut down the possibility of the two fighting each other which St-Pierre believed was because he would not stick around and defend the title if he won it. However, TMZ caught up with White recently and asked him about Nurmagomedov’s next fight. White responded saying that the logical next fight is still with Tony Ferguson but if, for whatever reason, that fight can’t be made then he would be interested in talking about the St-Pierre fight.

“Tony Ferguson is the fight that needs to happen. We’ve tried to do it four other times, so hopefully we can get it done this time. But that’s the fight that makes sense.”

TMZ then asked White about the potential fight with St-Pierre.

“That can happen, too. We’ll see what happens with Tony. Tony’s had opportunities before that he didn’t take, so if he doesn’t, I would be interested in talking about GSP.”

This is a bit of a U-turn from White who has said before that he wasn’t interested in that fight. GSP confirmed before with Robin Black on DAZN that the UFC didn’t want to make the fight. GSP believed they did not want to make the fight in case St-Pierre won as he would not stay to defend the title and it would damage Khabib’s legacy who is now one of their star fighters.

Whilst a loss for Nurmagomedov could damage his star power, there is no denying the crowds the fight would draw as GSP is a star in his own right. If Khabib won, it would only boost his star power to a whole new level.

St-Pierre has not competed in the octagon since November 2017 when he beat Michael Bisping for the middleweight title. GSP would be weighing in 30lbs lighter if he challenged Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title which could be a tough weight cut for him. Of course, the fight may happen at a catchweight, but it seems unlikely that all parties would be on board with that idea.

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