Conor McGregor Unhappy With Dana White Saying Khabib Is The Man Now

In August 2017 Conor McGregor transcended the sport of MMA and faced Floyd Mayweather in a fight that sold over 5 million pay-per-views. Conor McGregor was the biggest star in MMA by a country mile and everyone wanted that “red panty night”.

Unfortunately, things have changed quite drastically since then for the outspoken Irishman as he has face numerous controversies outside of the cage. McGregor has also only competed once since then in a big rivalry fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018 which he lost via unanimous decision.

Khabib became a superstar in his own right after beating McGregor and now, according to UFC President Dana White, calls the shots. Speaking with The Boston Globe, White said that McGregor will be returning to competition next year, but he also stated that:

“Khabib is the man now. Conor isn’t the man anymore, so Khabib gets to sit back and call the shots.”

McGregor has since seen the comment from White and he was clearly not happy by the UFC President’s views on the situation.

His old rival, Khabib Nurmagomedov, then commented on the tweet in Russian leading to an exchange between the two fighters. Quotes below are translated from Google.

Khabib: “This is a fiasco wino”

McGregor: “See you in Moscow, pussy”

Khabib: “In Moscow, rapists are not expected”

McGregor appears to be chomping at the bit to get back in the cage with Khabib for another shot at reclaiming the UFC lightweight title but if Dana White’s recent comments hold up then McGregor may not get his wish.

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