Anthony Pettis Cut Hand Before Nate Diaz Fight During USADA Drug Test, Looking To Sue USADA

Anthony Pettis Enters The Octagon

Image source: Anthony Pettis Instagram (@showtimepettis)

One of the more bizarre stories we have heard in MMA came out on Monday’s edition of Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show as Anthony Pettis revealed he cut his hand open during a drug test.

Pettis revealed that the incident happened hours before his bout with Nate Diaz when USADA asked him to do two drug tests and Pettis ended up cutting his hand on the glass specimen bottle.

“I walk behind the scenes, USADA comes up and we’re like ‘hey we need you to do a piss test for your drugs test’. I did the first drug test and it was too diluted because when you re-hydrate there’s too much water in you. So, they had to do a second drug test, but I had to wait until I had to pee again.

It was about an hour and a half before the fight and I had to go again so I got the USADA guy like ‘let’s go get this done’. I did the piss test, I’m closing the first bottle up, it was a twist cap so I’m twisting the cap, I put it inside of the plastic bag and I see blood, so I’m like ‘what the fuck’.

I look at my hand and I’ve gashed my thumb on the USADA drug test. So, I called the UFC doctor in and I’m telling USADA what’s going on, the UFC doctor comes in and says ‘alright you need stitches, so we can do two things. We can stitch you and it’ll probably bleed in the fight, or we can glue you shut, and it will hold for the fight and it won’t bleed in the fight.’

Pettis went on to say that his head coach, Duke Roufus, didn’t want him to go ahead with the fight but the rest of his training camp had been so good that Pettis wanted to push forward with the bout.

“My coach is like ‘no, we’re not fighting’; Duke didn’t want me to fight. But I had a perfect training camp, I felt amazing and in my head I’m like ‘man, the cuts on my thumb, they’re not going to stop the fight for blood on my thumb.’ That was my thought process.”

Pettis ended up opting to get the cut glued shut and said he would see how the warm-up went with it but the cut re-opened as he was getting his hands wrapped by long-time UFC cutman, House.

“I go to tape my hands, House is taping my hands, and by him spreading my fingers, the webbing broke again.”

Pettis felt the injury then forced him to compete in a usual way as he searched for a big knockout punch to end the night early.

Finally, Pettis stated that this is the first time we are hearing the story as he had to keep it under wraps due to them going through the process of suing USADA for the incident.

“I couldn’t talk about it because I gave USADA a chance to make it right but right now we’re going through court. I’ve got to sue them.”

Definitely one of the more bizarre stories in recent times.

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