PFL Heavyweight Alex Nicholson Suspended For 4 Years By NSAC

Alex Nicholson & Mike Perry Pose For Photo During Training

Image source: Alex Nicholson's Instagram (@spartanlife32)

The Nevada State Athletic commission have handed out a hefty fine to PFL heavyweight Alex Nicholson opting to suspend him from competition for four years.

Nicholson tested positive for three different well-known steroids, drostanolone, nandrolone and trenbolone as well as showing an elevated testosterone to epitestosterone (T/E) ratio. Furthermore, Nicholson was also handed a $15,000 fine which equates to 60% of his $25,000 fight purse received in his last fight against Francimar Barroso.

The NSAC usually hands suspensions between 9 and 24 months to first time steroid offenders but the NSAC does reserve the right to double these suspensions in certain circumstances. Therefore, a four-year suspension to a first-time offender is the heaviest suspension they could have given.

One of the reasons why the NSAC decided to double the suspension time is due to Nicholson’s lack of response to the matter. Nicholson was informed of the issue by the NSAC but didn’t respond to defend himself in a hearing.

MMA Fighting caught up with Alex Nicholson who denied intentionally taking any illegal substances

“Never have or would I take a banned substance, and after years and competing and being tested, why would it even make sense for me to show up knowing how everything goes down after years of commitment and get everything taken from me? Just doesn’t make sense either way you look at it.”

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