James Webb To Rematch Nathias Frederick At Cage Warriors London

Earlier this month Cage Warriors confirmed that James Webb would be appearing on the Cage Warriors London card set for 22nd November. After this announcement it was highly speculated that Webb would be having a rematch with his former opponent Nathias Frederick due to the controversial result of their first bout. Cage Warriors have now confirmed the rematch is on between current Cage Warriors middleweight champion, James Webb and the Birmingham based Nathias Frederick.

Their First Meeting

James Webb and Nathias Frederick squared off at Cage Warriors 106 show and fought to a very controversial draw. Webb secured many takedowns during the contest it seemed likely the decision would go his way. Also, Frederick was deducted a point in the final round for spiking the reigning middleweight champion which means he would have taken the title back to Birmingham had that point not been deducted. Ultimately, the point deduction lead to a majority draw decision.

Although he kept his title due to the draw, James Webb was not happy about the decision last time. Speaking to the East Anglian Daily Times, Webb said:

“He didn’t stop one takedown – and he got taken down 12 times! Whoever’s scoring fights like that needs to go and do some BJJ. I’m not in there to to have a boxing fight, or a kickboxing match – this is an MMA fight, and that should be scored by who’s imposing their will on the other person. I was imposing my will on him.”

The Second Meeting

Although Webb should have likely taken the first decision there are still positives from Fredericks performance. Frederick showed incredible strength and tenacity to work back to his feet after each takedown even powering his way out of full mount which was an impressive feat of strength. Frederick has shown his power and ability to work back to the feet, but he will likely need to stuff the more of the initial takedowns in order to take a victory in this contest.

Webb says he will be more prepared for Fredericks strength next time and would be looking to establish different positions on the ground to keep the fight there for longer.

“I would do a lot of things differently in the rematch – stop mounting him for a start. I’ve done jiu-jitsu for a lot of years and no-one has ever just sat up when I’ve mounted them.”

Webb also believes he won’t need the full 25 minutes to decide the fight this time around.

“I should have finished the fight. I’ll definitely finish him in the rematch.”

Rematches are always intriguing to see who will make the better adjustments and whether it will be a repeat of the first bout or a completely different style of contest.

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