Cage Warriors Birmingham Live Results

Main Card

Jai Herbert vs Cain Carrizosa – Lightweight World Title

Round 1

Here we go, the Cage Warriors lightweight title bout is underway. Herbert with a big right hand early doors and a trip takedown. Herbert teeing off against the cage now, explosive start for the champion. Herbert looking for knees and elbows from the clinch now. Another big right hand from Herbert. And again! Carizosa can’t keep eating these shots all night. Herbert has really found his range early landing another right hand. Massive knee puts Carrizosa out cold! Herbert climbs the cage to embrace with his teammate Leon Edwards.

Official Result: Herbert – KO

Dean Trueman vs Morgan Charrière – Featherweight

Round 1

We’re underway in the co-main event of the evening. Charrière catches a kick and takes Trueman down early landing in full guard. Trueman throwing up a high guard for some submission attempts but Charrière staying composed. Trueman hits a sweep to get back to his feet but Charrière looks to work a single leg. Charrière switches to a double leg but Trueman is defending well. Charrière secures the single leg but falls into a guillotine that Trueman uses to stand back up. Charrière controlling the clinch against the cage to close the first round.

10 – 9 Charrière

Round 2

Trueman landing some solid low kicks to start round two. Glancing overhand from Charrière who then catches a kick and secures another takedown into full guard. Trueman working rubber guard and looking for the omoplata then looks to switch to a triangle. Trueman trying to stay active from his guard. Charrière still controlling the action on the mat as he begins to land some ground and pound against the cage. Charrière now passes to side control and looks to land some ground and pound. Charrière now has full back mount on Trueman and unloads some bombs to close out the round.

20 – 17 Charrière

Round 3

Trueman will need a finish this round if he is to win this one. Charrière landing some powerful kicks to start the round. Charrière lands a monster overhand right and tees off! Marc Goddard steps in and stops the fight.

Official Result: Charrière – TKO

Brian Bouland vs Chris Miah – Bantamweight

Round 1

Nice right hand out the gate from Miah. Miah shoots for the single but they break. Nice right hand from Miah again, he is starting to find a home for that shot. Left cross sneaks through for Bouland now but Miah continues to push forward. Miah shoots for another takedown and drives the fight against the fence. The break again and Bouland lands a nice counter left hook. Miah scores a blast double takedown and Bouland shuffles back to the fence. Bouland lands some nice elbows on Miah against the cage as the round comes to an end.

10 – 9 Miah

Round 2

Bouland lands a nice body kick to start round two. Bouland coming out very aggressive to start this round but Miah pushes him back and works another takedown. Miah has been dominating the top position here against the cage, now landing some big knees. Bouland works back to his feet but Miah secures another takedown. Miah secures the back now but doesn’t have his hooks in. Bouland scrambles back up and Miah unloads but Bouland manages to reverse and secure the back clinch. Bouland looked to have sinched in the rear naked choke but the round ended.

20 – 18 Miah

Round 3

Bouland opens with two kicks to start the final round but Miah answers with a big right hand. Bouland being the aggressor here in the final round but Miah shoots for another takedown against the cage. Most of this round has been contested against the cage with Miah controlling the grappling exchanges. Not much action this round but some dominating top control from Miah. Bouland works to his feet but Miah holds the clinch to end the fight.

30 – 27 Miah
Official Result: Miah – Unanimous Decision

Perry Goodwin vs Sameer Alekozai – Featherweight

Round 1

And we are underway for Goodwin vs Alekozai. Goodwin opens with a low kick. Goodwin throwing lots of feints, both guys still finding the range. Inside low kick lands for Goodwin followed by an outside low kick. Goodwin finds a home for the inside low kick again. Goodwin really chopping away with the low kicks now. Goodwin getting his hands into the mix now after the low kicks, Alekozai yet to land anything significant. Alekozai shoots for the takedown and gets it but lands straight into a kimura attempt. Goodwin uses it to reverse and ends the round on top. Clear Goodwin round.

10 – 9 Goodwin

Round 2

Goodwin comes out chopping away at the legs again. Alekozai returns a low kick of his own. One two attempt from Goodwin followed by an oblique kick. Goodwin doing a great job feinting to keep Alekozai guessing. Alekozai shoots and Goodwin looks to defend with a kimura attempt and some elbows for good measure. Alekozai still working the single leg but Goodwin doing a good job defending so far. Alekozai launches a big left hand on the break and shoots again. Goodwin jumps on a standing guillotine but loses it. Both fighters trade bombs on the break as the round comes to a close.

19 – 19 Draw

Round 3

Tough of the gloves and we are away for the final round. Goodwin pushing forward and looking for oblique kicks. Two big right hands from Goodwin land. Action is opening up now as both fighters trade shots in the pocket. Another right hand lands for Goodwin. More big shots from Goodwin as he backs Alekozai to the fence. Alekozai secures a takedown and passes to side control. Goodwin uses the fence to work back to his feet but Alekozai holds on to the single leg attempt. Alekozai has had a lot of top control this round but hasn’t been able to do much damage. Goodwin reverses position and finishes the fight in full mount.

29 – 28 Goodwin
Official Result: Goodwin – Unanimous Decision

Michael Younis vs Mick Stanton – Middleweight

Round 1

First fight of the main card gets underway and Stanton shoots immediately and secures the takedown. Stanton working to pass guard and nearly eats an upkick. Younis now back to his feet and secures a takedown of his own but Stanton reverses position. Stanton catches a body kick and secures another takedown. Stanton looks takes the back but Younis spins out and lands a knee while Stanton is still grounded. Ref calls time on the action and takes 1 point away from Younis. The action resumes and both fighers start throwing bombs but Younis ends up in top position. Stanton rolls and attacks a heel hook but Younis escapes but Stanton ends up on top as a very close first round comes to a close.

10 – 9 Stanton

Round 2

Explosive start to the round and the fight ends up on the mat again with Younis on top. Stanton looks to attack the heel hook again but Younis escapes to back side control. Stanton now reverses position nicely, takes half guard and begins working the body. Stanton attacks an armbar that looks very tight but Younis is so tough and rolls out to take top position. Stanton reverses position again to take top position, some excellent grappling on display here. Stanton now how full back mount looking for the choke. Younis rolls to full mount and then rolls to back mount and Stanton gets the rear naked choke for the finish.

Official Result: Stanton – Submission

Pro Prelims

Jordan Vucenic vs Konmon Deh – Featherweight

Round 1

Vucenic lands a good right hand to start the bout. Left hook into a shot and secures the takedown for Vucenic. Deh works his way back to his feet. Vucenic controlling the position against the cage here and they break. Teep to the body for Vucenic but Deh lands the takedown. Vucenic throws up an armbar but Deh slams his way out of it quickly and re-secures full guard. Good scramples from both men as Vucenic eventually reverses position and secures a takedown of his own.

10 – 9 Vucenic

Round 2

Vucenic comes out with body kicks and looks for the takedown but Deh scrambles back up before securing a takedown of his own and passing to half guard. Deh takes the back of Vucenic but Vucenic explodes out and works his own takedown. More great scrambles before Vucenic secures top position. Big knees from Vucenic agains tthe cage causes Deh to cover up. Another takedown secured for Vucenic as he works some ground and pound against the cage. Vucenic now passes to full mount but Deh works his way out and ends the round in top position.

20 – 18 Vucenic

Round 3

Vucenic opens with a body kick and follows up with a teep to the body. Both fighter trade low kicks. Nice left hook lands for Deh but Vucenic secures yet another takedown. Deh works back to his feet briefly but Vucenic takes him down with a nice body lock. Vucenic softening Deh up with some ground and pound from half guard. Vucenic jumps on a guillotine but Deh escapes and ends up on top.

30 – 27 Vucenic
Official Result: Vucenic – Unanimous Decision

Madars Fleminas vs George Hardwick – Welterweight

Round 1

Low kick from Hardwick to open the first round; and another. Hardwick tries to go to the body but Fleminas answers wth a solid one-two. Teep to the body from Fleminas, returned by Hardwick. Both fighter exchange positions in the clinch but Fleminas lands the better shots. Nice left hook counter lands from Hardwick. Right cross left body kick combo lands for Fleminas. Hardwick closes out the round working for the takedown.

10 – 9 Fleminas

Round 2

Big right hand on the break for Fleminas. Hardwick then lands his own uppercut from the clinch and presses Fleminas backwards. Nice counter bodykick lands for Fleminas. Hardwick pushes forward and lands solid combinations. Both fighters exchange clinch positions and Fleminas scores a brief takedown. Double jab lands for Fleminas. Fast paced round here. Big one-two high kick combination for Fleminas. Fleminas secures top position and lands some good ground and pound. Nice body shots from full guard for Fleminas. Fleminas rides the rest of the round out on top.

20 – 18 Fleminas

Round 3

Big embrace between both fighters to start the final round. Fleminas pawing with the jab on the back foot and looks for a home for the right hand. Wheel kick from Hardwick is blocked. Hardwick pushes forward with a body kick. Fleminas is looking for the right cross through the guard of Hardwick. One two lands again for Fleminas as he begins to push forward. Fleminas beginning to find his flow here landing solid combinations. Nice overhand right lands from Fleminas. Hardwick catches a high kick and secures the takedown. Fleminas reverses position and ends the fight on top.

30 – 27 Fleminas
Official Result: Fleminas – Unanimous Decision

Jenaid Ebanks vs George Smith – Middleweight

Round 1

Marc Goddard takes this assignment as we get underway. Smith pushes forward aggressively to start the fight and secures the body lock take down. Smith unloading with grown and pound in the first here from back side control. Ebanks almost works his way up but Smith snaps him back down. Smith landing good knees from back side control. Ebanks works a single leg to escape the position but Smith brings him back down again and lands some big hammerfists.

10 – 9 Smith

Round 2

Smith secures the take down quickly to start round two and begins looking to work a kimura from half guard. Ebanks goes to explode out of the position but Smith ends up getting full mount. Ebanks explodes to escape the position. Smith secures back side position again and throws more knees to the body. Ebanks works to his feet to be met by a knee but Smith rolls on a kimura to close the round.

20 – 18 Smith

Round 3

Smith fast out of the gate and secures another fast takedown and passes straight to side control. Smith softening Ebanks up with short shots from side control then secures the back as Ebanks tries to escape. Smith just dominating the grappling exchanges in this matchup. Crowd calling for Goddard to stand this up but the fight finishes with Smith on top.

30 – 27 Smith
Official Result: Smith – Unanimous Decision

Amateur Card

Greg Williams vs Marcus Mee – Middleweight

Round 1

Mee opens with the inside low kick. Williams secures the clinch against the cage and begins working knees. Big takedown from Mee to secure the back. Mee lands some big knees from the clinch against the cage and holds the dominant position to close out the round.

10 – 9 Mee

Round 2

Williams opens with a teep to the body, the pair exchange before getting locked up in a clinch against the cage. Williams shoots for the takedown which is stuffed by Mee who maintains the dominant clinch position against the cage. Overhand right and body kick from Mee forces Williams backwards. Two brief takedowns from Mee but Williams pops back up. Mee finishes the round in the dominant clinch position again.

20 – 18 Mee

Round 3

Final round underway of the last amateur fight of the night. Mee goes back to the overhand right, left body kick combo. Left high kick from Williams blocked by Mee. Williams lands a stick left hook by Mee secures the clinch and works for the double leg. Counter uppercut scores for Mee, Mee unloads to finish the fight.

30 – 27 Mee
Official Result: Mee – Unanimous Decision

Alistair Fitzharris vs. Kieran Timmins – Featherweight

Round 1

Timmins secures the takedown to start the first round but Fitzharris pops back up to his feet. Nice knee to the body from Timmins. Good knees and body kick from Fitzharris as they break but the Timmins secures another takedown. Fitzharris lands the better shots to close out a close round.

10 – 9 Timmins

Round 2

Some good scrambles in round two but Timmins takes top position once again. Timmins now takes the back with lots of time to work and starts opening up with hammerfists. Timmins goes two high on the back and loses position but secures then back from a scramble and rides out the round on top.

20 – 18 Timmins

Round 3

Timmins pushes forward but Fitzharris secures the takedown and now takes the back of Timmins. Fitzharris likely needs a finish here and is definitely working hard to get it. Dominating top game from Fitzharris and closes out the round.

29 – 28 Timmins
Official Result: Fitzharris – Unanimous Decision

Levi Steedman vs. Danielle Hutton – Women’s Flyweight

Round 1

First fight is underway, Steedman opens with a low kick. Low kick returned from Hutton. Cagey feeling out process between these two to start. Steedman throws a high kick that falls short. Hutton with a straight right and they clinch. Knee from the clinch from Steedman buckles Hutton and then Steedman secures the takedown. Steedman gets full mount and lands some good ground and pound to finish the first round.

10 – 9 Steedman

Round 2

Steedman lands a big straight right and a body kick to open the second round. The power kick seems to be there for the southpaw fighter. Good blitz from Hutton but then Steedman secures the takedown again. Steedman rides out the round on top to bank another round.

20 – 18 Steedman

Round 3

Sense of urgency from Hutton to start the third as she likely senses she needs the finish. The engage in the clinch and Hutton secures an important takedown. Hutton working some good ground and pound from full guard. Some big hammerfists now from Hutton. Hutton lands some bombs but gets over aggressive and gets swept. Fight ends with Steedman on top in sprawl.

29 – 28 Steedman
Official Result: Unanimous Decision – Steedman

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