Cage Warriors 113 To Be Headlined By Darren Stewart vs. Bartosz Fabinski After Two Title Fights Dropped

Darren Stewart Knees Deron Winn At UFC on ESPN 6

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Another day, another change to Cage Warriors 113.

The Cage Warriors team have been through the ringer trying to keep this event up and running and yet another issue has come up. Travel restrictions have now forced the two French fighters, Morgan Charriere and Samir Faiddine of the card.

The removal of the two Frenchmen means that two of the three title fights on the card have now been scrapped as Morgan Charriere was set to face Darko Banovic for the interim featherweight title and Samir Faiddine was set to defend his flyweight title against Luke Shanks.

Following the drop out of the two title fights the card has been restructured with Darren Stewart vs. Bartosz Fabinski now taking the main event slot. Stewart vs. Fabinski was originally scheduled for the UFC London card that was forced to be postponed due to the coronavirus.

The co-main event is now the only remaining title fight on the card which sees Mason Jones take on Joe McColgan for the vacant Cage Warriors Lightweight Championship.

Originally there were two UFC bouts planned to be added to the Cage Warriors show, however, it has also been confirmed that John Phillips vs. Dusko Todorovic also won’t be going ahead due to travel restrictions.

Cage Warriors have been through quite a few changes with the card with three Italian fighters being forced off the card due to travel restrictions then having to relocate the card to Manchester and now the two French fighters being forced off the card as well.

Despite the multitude of changes that have been required, Cage Warriors President Graham Boylan has stated that they will adapt to any issues that arise in order to keep Friday night’s show going ahead.

“We will continue to adapt to changes as they arise and continue to strive toward providing the biggest and best platform possible for our fighters and fans this Friday night.

As long as the country remains operational, so do we.”

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