Mousasi Says He Will Retire If He Loses To “Cheater” Lovato Jr. Again

Gegard Mousasi avenged a defeat to Lyoto Machida at Bellator 228, an opponent he previously accused of cheating and it looks like he believes the man who took his title is also a cheater.

Following on from his win over Machida, Mousasi is looking to get a rematch with Rafael Lovato Jr. and win back his middleweight title. The first fight between the two was close and ended in a majority decision win for Lovato Jr. as Mousasi had him in trouble in the third and fourth rounds. Mousasi vowed to end the night early when he meets Lovato Jr. for the second time.

“Next fight I’m going to kill him. I swear to God if I don’t knock him out, I don’t count it as a victory because I know what I can do and he will die, literally. You will see. I will knock him out 100 percent, I guarantee you that. If I lose, I’ll retire I’ll promise you. I’m not kidding because I’m not trying to sell a fight, I know what I can do. Next fight will be extra special because I’m going to be an extra special boy.”

Mousasi seems determined to put on devastating performance to win the rematch and his belief that Lovato Jr. may be using PED’s could be fuelling that fire for Mousasi.

“That guy looked like a horse. You guys are reporters, but you don’t even report on that. You can see a difference with a picture of him and then he looked like he’s muscular when he’s 35. You guys can watch, you should report that. Take a picture next to each other, it’s day and night difference. That’s not even a little bit of steroids, that’s like monkey steroids. You guys go check it out, I can post pictures for you guys if you want but I’m not the reporter, you should go and do some research.

Everyone knows he was on steroids. People can call me a bad loser, maybe I am a little bit, but I should have beat him anyway but like I said, my head wasn’t in it. I hurt him in the third round, I hurt him in the fourth round. I fucked up myself so I’m blaming myself, but the juice helped him also.”

Mousasi was in a joking mood at the post fight press conferences and continued by saying:

“He looked twice as big at the weigh-in. His nipples were hard like a woman. Watch it, I’m not kidding, I’m not trying to be funny. He could have given milk to babies.”

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