Michael Page Says Dan Miragliotta Called Him “A Piece Of Shit”

Michael “Venom” Page has added another spectacular knockout to his highlight reel with a flying knee knockout over Richard Kiely.

However, during the fight, referee Dan Miragliotta rather bizarrely deducted a point from Page for showboating and taunting too much. Many fans and media members have been confused about the point deduction as it’s very rare to see a point taken for showmanship.

In his post-fight press scrum, it appears that Page has had previous incidents with Miragliotta and Page believes Miragliotta has personal dislike for him.

“In all honesty, Dan, for me, has a personally issue with me. I don’t know where it comes from. My second Bellator fight, I was walking down the ramp backstage and I remember, you’re trying to get yourself into the zone, everyone knows me, I’m a showman, I came out with my glasses and he’s like “take them off it’s not Hollywood”. Now this is the first time I’ve ever met him, didn’t know him, and straight away I felt a bit rubbed up the wrong way but just let it go, took my glasses off and carried on, put on a show.

Now to see that, again, that was disgusting. Not only did he minus a point and pick me up from a fight ending position, he pushed me at the end and called me a piece of shit. Now, nobody should do that. That says to me there’s something personal there, I don’t know what it is but I demand an apology from him or he’s never refereeing me ever again.”

Michael Page also said his coach was less than impressed with the actions of Miragliotta as well told him to meet him outside.

“My coach, he heard it and told him to come upstairs and go outside. We’re from London street and if you guys know London street we do not mess about.

I’m like his child, you want to talk to my child like that we’re going upstairs and we’re going to war now.”

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