James Gallagher Unsure If He’ll Fight Cal Ellenor Next or Pursue A Fight With Sergio Pettis Instead

James Gallagher At Bellator

Image source: James Gallagher Instagram (@strabanimalmma)

Bellator’s Irish superstar James Gallagher has been scheduled to faceoff against Sunderland’s Cal Ellenor on three occasions however the fight has fell apart for various reasons.

The first fight fell apart due to irregularities with Ellenor’s brain scan, then Gallagher was forced out of the second meeting with a back injury. Finally, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused a third meeting between the two fighters to be cancelled.

Gallagher spoke to the Eurobash podcast about how many times the fight has been cancelled.

“I just find it weird because how he pulled out at the start was, he just f*cked up on his brain thing. That was just weird, it was nearly creepy the way it happened, it was strange. I don’t know what to think about it, I’m thinking different things about it because it chops and changes the deeper I look into it.

The second time I had a tear on my back. It was a legitimate reason not to fight with the scans, the medicals and doctors telling me, ‘Don’t fight, you need to rest up and do the rehab on your back.’ I’m still doing that even though I’m back training, I’m still working on that and trying to keep it right. Now, it’s not me, it’s not him and it’s not Bellator. It’s no one, it’s just a world pandemic that we’re all in.”

Gallagher was asked whether trying to make the fight with Ellenor was holding him back from bigger fights and he admitted that he’s eyeing up some bigger fights in America such as a bout with newly signed Sergio Pettis.

Gallagher also cast doubt on whether he would actually fight Ellenor next or whether he would pursue those bigger opportunities stateside.

“That’s the level I’m on now.

I can’t make calls until everything is back up and going because no one knows anything. No one knows when the next fight is happening, no one knows. I’m thinking about maybe going back and fighting in America again and getting some bigger fights, like Sergio Pettis. I’ve got Dublin too, Dublin is coming up, but that’s Peter’s gig so he’s going to do that. I actually don’t know [if I’ll fight Cal next].”

Rightfully so, Gallagher’s main focus at the moment is keeping himself healthy but admits most fighters, including himself, will be chomping at the bit to get back in the cage at the next available opportunity.

“I’m just focusing on staying fit and staying healthy and when the call comes, I think we’re all going to be in a position that we don’t give a fuck who it is, where it is, what it is. We’ll be like, ‘just get me a fight,’ and that’s the mindset I’m in where I really don’t give a bollocks because there is bigger fights and there is bigger things to move onto, but I’m the biggest. If Sergio Pettis is fighting anyone it’s like, ‘Cool, he’s fighting,’ but if he fights me it’s massive. The Cal fight, no one gives a bollocks who the fuck he is; no one gives a fuck about him, but if he fights me it’s a big fight. That’s just what I’m thinking about, so no matter what I do it’s going to be a big moment and I’m going to be ready for it.”

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