Gegard Mousasi Believes A Different Mentality Is What Wins Rematch With Lyoto Machida

It appears as though we may see a more aggressive Gegard Mousasi at Bellator 228.

Mousasi spoke to MMA Fighting about his upcoming rematch with Lyoto Machida in the co-main event of Bellator 228. Mousasi believes he knows what he did wrong in their first fight and knows how to correct his mistakes.

“I know what I did wrong, I didn’t go and watch it many times, but he was better at that time and that’s why he won but times change, and I feel like I can beat him this time.”

Mousasi conceded that Machida was the better fighter during their first meeting and says he didn’t have the knowledge at that time to know the best way to fight Machida.

“I didn’t have the knowledge to fight the way I had to fight him. I wasn’t ready at that time to fight him; his level was better than me. But I’ve come a long way, it’s five years later, I’ve grown as a fighter, I know what to expect, knowledge is there, the hunger is there and I’m coming to fight. I think that’s the most important thing, I’m coming to get the victory.”

Mousasi went on to elaborate that it’s the mentality that sometimes costs him in fights and there’s a difference between coming to fight and coming to win.

“I come sometimes to just get the victory and sometimes I come to fight. I come to take this one, I come to fight. Different mentality”

Speaking on the first fight Mousasi said he didn’t do enough, touching on the idea of coming to fight as opposed to coming to win being the key to victory.

“He was better, he dominated, and I didn’t do that much. I was a little bit depressed in the fight where I wasn’t doing a lot, but I’m not depressed anymore let’s say it like that.”

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