Dan Miragliotta Admits To Swearing At Michael Page

Michael “Venom” Page recently stated that referee Dan Miragliotta called him “a piece of shit” after his stoppage victory over Richard Kiely at Bellator 288.

Miragliotta has admitted to calling Page “a piece of shit” in the cage. The veteran referee told MMA Fighting the altercation started after he was trying to facilitate a good show of sportsmanship between the two fighters and was told to “fuck off” by Page.

“I was pissed, bro, I’m 56 years old, I’m a grown man, I’m older than him, I show respect to everybody. When someone says “fuck off” like that to me with disrespect, I lost it. I never should have said what I said, and I know I was wrong.

Under my breath, I turned, and one of his coaches was right next to me, and I said, “What a fucking piece of shit.”

I knew I was wrong, and especially with it being his coach right there, and he said, “What did you say?” And I said, “Man, I apologize. I never should have said that.””

Miragliotta admits that he was not a fan of Page’s antics in the cage as he was “dominating” Kiely but still showing disrespect due to the bad blood in the lead up to the fight.

“It was a bad matchup, and he was dominating the kid. He didn’t have to do what he was doing. At one point, and you can watch the video and probably read his lips, he’s hitting him, then he stops and calls him a f*cking b*tch, he hits him again, “f*cking b*tch,” did it a third time.

He was taunting the kid. So, I was like, I warned him, I’m calling time.”

After the fight finished, Miragliotta says he tried to talk with Page to explain why he was frustrated and to show his appreciation for Page’s skills.

“I go, “Bro, you are one of the most talented guys I’ve ever refereed”. I said, “Don’t ruin it with these antics. You beat the piss out of this guy, great job. You’re talented. You’re going places.” He gave me a look like, “Screw you, f off.””

Finally, Miragliotta responded to any claims that his actions were fuelled by racism and stated that he would not be refereeing Page’s fights again moving forward due to the animosity between the pair.

“I did what I did because of what he did, not because of his color or religion. I’ll never do his fights again, because I can never really look at him and not have that animosity toward him, because I’m not going to let somebody tell me to fuck off, and there’s nothing I can do, and I’m an official. It’s not good for me or the sport.”

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