Brutal Leg Break At Bellator 226

Bellator 226 unfortunately saw a disappointing end to the main event with Ryan Bader and Cheick Kongo fighting to a no contest after an accidental eye poke. However, the post-lims led to a brutal finish with Albert Gonzalez breaking his leg after a checked kick from Tyson Miller.

Gonzalez went to throw an inside leg kick and Miller checked the kick perfectly leading to a gruesome image of Gonzalez’s shin wrapping around Miller’s as his leg broke. We have shared the clip posted by Bellator on Twitter at the bottom of this article, the content is extremely graphic if you had not already guessed.

Miller got the win via TKO after Gonzalez was, of course, unable to continue. Miller showed class in his reaction to the break immediately raising his arms and not following Gonzalez to the canvas after he realised what had happened.  

This was an extremely gruesome leg break on the same level as Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman and Tyrone Spong vs Gokhan Saki in Glory. Here is the clip below of the break, once again, the clip contains graphic content.

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